Raumforderung ist ein Meisterbetrieb für individuellen Möbel- und Innenausbau und Planungsbüro für Innenraumgestaltung. Wir entwerfen, planen und realisieren funktionale Lösungen nach ihren individuellen Bedürfnissen.

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raum [ʀaʊ̯m] m 1. ambient, 2. area, chamber, district, space, range, room
for·de·rung [ˈfɔʁdəʀʊŋ] ƒ asking, claim, demand, need, request, requirement


humans have the basic need for shelter and objects a right for appropriate use.

as a design office, raumforderung creates functional solutions for individuals in multiple areas, with the intention to feed those demands.
full scale interior projects are developed with the same close attention to the detail, as single furniture pieces.

to enhance the work with the charm and character which is only found in hand crafted objects, progressive as well as traditional techniques are utilized.

with passion I thrive for perfection in the process of every project, to serve clients to the best of my knowledge and abilities.